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Chicago Bears Depth Chart

One semi meaningless game down and a few more to go and this article takes a look at where the Bears roster sits and who looks to lose out versus who is fighting to make the roster.

Wide receivers: (6)
Locks: Muhsin Muhammad, Bernard Berrian, Mark Bradley, Devin Hester, Rashied Davis.

Breakdown: Hester actually deserves his own position group--Athlete--because of the variety of ways the Bears will use him. Bradley has lined up at times in the slot position, opening up the possibility of being on the field at the same time as Berrian and Muhammad--a dangerous combination. Davis still proved too tough in the clutch to lose too many snaps, and he is durable. The sixth and final spot will come down to camp cult hero Mike Hass and Brandon Rideau. Nobody has shown more dependable hands than Hass, who still has to prove he has enough speed to separate. Rideau, a taller and better athlete typically favored by Smith, has lacked Hass' consistency but outperformed Hass in the first exhibition game with three catches for 43 yards. But if special teams remain a concern, is a sixth wide receiver more valuable than an extra cornerback or linebacker?