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Time In Washington Made Adam Archuleta A Better Person And Player

I haven't had the opportunity to razz Skin Patrol over at Hogs Haven, since they almost gave up a first and a bucket load of money for Lance Briggs, so maybe that is one of the reasons I am hoping newly acquired safety, Adam Archuleta, works out.  He does not begrudge his time in Washington and things it actually helped him as a player.

''The contract was a blessing,'' he acknowledged. ''I changed as a person. I had to dig deep in order to come out of it without it really affecting me and tearing me up.

''On a superficial level, it allowed me a chance in the middle of my career to get healthy, to not get that wear and tear the last two months of the season on my body. It kind of rejuvenated me.''

The word on Archuleta so far is all good.

'I know this, he's playing well for us,'' said defensive coordinator Bob Babich, who coached linebackers in St. Louis for one year while Archuleta was there. ''We're very pleased with not only his in-the-box skills, but the way he's playing the deep middle third and the way he's playing the deep half. He's doing a good job. He's showing DB skills back there.

''I don't know what the knocks on him have been. Obviously, if we thought he had a knock, we wouldn't have brought him here.''