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Peter King Goes Off His Wagon Again

This must be why everybody likes Peter King, for the most part he goes with public opinion, but in the middle of every thing he does he does something just plain stupid.

SI is asking some of their writers to do a All-Time Team, which Payton, Sayers and Butkus were on, a Right Now Team and a In 5 years team.

So everything is cruising until I look at his reserves for the right now team.  Behind Peyton Manning and Tom Brady is Vince Young. Vince Freakin Young, on the Right Now Team?  Did we forget about Carson Palmer or Marc Bulger or a QB that can actually currently throw the ball.

King already had Young as his starter on the In 5 Years team, did he need to force his new man crush on to a second list?  He put Devin Hester on his right now Special Teams even though this is only his 2nd year, but on his In 5 Years Special Teams he put Ted Ginn Jr.  Is a proven return man already so old and skills so degraded that he goes in favor of a guy who hasn't played a down yet?

Peter King is what he is and makes no bones about it and he is always good for a post a month, but even though we know what to expect he still boggles the mind some times.

Take a look at the lists and let me know if I missed anymore completely idiotic choices.