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Bears Relating

Coach Smith and Coach Turner see Grossman's problems as more of a slump than anything else.


Jamar Williams is going to be a star, the only questions is at what position.  Could he possibly be the Bears next great MLB?

Williams is a quick study on the field too. Just consider what he accomplished in the exhibition opener against Houston. Having worked at weak-side linebacker almost exclusively during training camp, Williams started in the middle Saturday in place of the injured Urlacher. Williams had practiced in the middle for only three days, but he didn't look the least bit lost.

"They told him to learn it, so he went out and learned it," Urlacher said. "The thing I like about him is he's feisty. He definitely gets downfield and hits people."


McKie on the fullback being a dying breed.


Hester sees Tillman's rough play as a way of getting better.

"When I feel my opponent wants to get physical, I'm the type of player that (says), `Let's play physical,'æ" Hester said. "If you want to play this type of game, I can play right along with you. That's the type of player I am.

"I'm out here trying to get better, and I know Charles Tillman is one of the great players on our defense and he's an aggressive corner. You know when you go against him you're going to have to fasten up your chinstrap and get ready to play football."


After having praise heaped on him for beating everybody he faces, looks like Urlacher is showing Olsen he is still the big dog in the court.