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PFT Ranks Tight Ends Badly, But They Do Rank Them

I mentioned before how PFT is a blogger's dream site.  It is full of so much useful info and at the same time so much useless, uninformed stuff you could make a living just writing about their stuff.

This particular post is of the later type.  See PFT likes to rail on people for not being properly informed and at the same time put themselves us as some type every day man's football expert.  It does not matter that they have just as little right to be ranking or making statements as the people they bash.

Like every other site in the world, they are ranking positions from a fantasy football standpoint.  Today they dropped their list for tight ends.  

The norm on lists of this type is for both Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen to appear somewhere in the 10-20 range, Clark usually higher up the list.

On PFT's list, Olsen shows up at #12, quite impressive for a guy who has never played a down.

12.  Greg Olsen, Bears:  This Cover 2 buster could help the Bears offense to explode.

The problem here is Clark didn't even make their list of 20.  Sphinctersaywhat?  I guess PFT hasn't looked at depth charts to know Clark is still the number one.  I guess they forgot that Clark had a career year last year.  But all that aside, are they seriously saying that Donald Lee, Leonard Pope,Daniel Graham and David Martin (#17-20) are all better than Desmond Clark?  

I'd have to say somebody has been getting a little too much radiation from those Sprint phones they keep pimping.