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Bears Offense Hitting Its Groove

On the final night practice of training camp, the Bears offense showed what it could be, hitting on all cylinders.

Grossman to Devin Hester for 50 yards. Grossman to Bernard Berrian for 50, followed by a Berrian dunk over the goal post crossbar. Kyle Orton dropping a deep sideline pass in to Rashied Davis. Brian Griese on target and moving the offense.

"We've got certain landmarks on the field, plus getting enough air underneath it and make a big play," Grossman explained. "You've just got to make sure it's the right look defensively and then execute."

The bonus here was they weren't practicing the long ball, they were just taking what the defense gave them and if our defense as great as it is, can give up that, we could be seeing the long ball a lot.