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Bears Trade Chris Harris

UPDATE: Chris Harris was traded for a 5th round draft pick.

The Bears were only going to carry 5 safeties going into the season, but they had 6 vying for the spots.  Instead of cutting the worse one, they traded former starter Chris Harris to the Panthers for an undisclosed draft pick in 2008.

This leaves the Bears with Mike Brown and Adam Archuleta as the starters and Danieal Manning, third-year pro Brandon McGowan and fifth-round pick Kevin Payne as reserves.

You can only keep so many safeties," said coach Lovie Smith. "We felt like on our roster, we had six that we felt real good about. You can't keep six safeties; it's as simple as that."

While I assume some might find this a bit surprising, Harris was the best pick.  Danieal Manning and Bradon McGowan have both spent time as starters and played well.  Harris had the most trade value and one thing we do know is that giving Jerry Angelo more picks is a dangerous thing for opposing teams.  I don't know how much McGowan or Payne will see the field, but I will miss Harris' hard hitting.  As long as Brown stays healthy, he should dish out plenty on his own.

Credit: mikebdot