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Bears Round Up

Bears home games are now smoke free.

New defensive coordinator Bruce Babich seems to be everybody's new goat boy now that they Bears have filled holes at safety and defensive tackle.  He gets two today.

Bob Babich addressed the questions so confidently and succinctly that his answers almost seemed rehearsed. It wasn't until he was asked whether his job was not to screw up the defense that he became momentarily flustered.

''Well, yeah,'' the Bears' first-year defensive coordinator admitted after a pregnant pause.

Quick camp update

Alex Brown trying to start on the left side

Not a lot of things are written in stone,'' he said, ''but I do believe a lot of people have written in stone the right end position.''

Clayton's take on the Bears' offense

Benson's got something to prove

"If I still have got to prove some things, I'm sure I will," Benson said. "Adversity's fun, people who want to bet against you or say you can't do or won't do something. That stuff is awesome because it just makes you feel awesome when you do it."