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Trumaine McBride A Lock To Make Roster

Generally speaking you can never really know who is going to do well in the regular season in training camp.  Everybody thinks they are going to win the Super Bowl and everybody is having a blow up camp, but it is clear who the two big names coming out of Bears camp were.  Greg Olsen and Trumaine McBride.

McBride has locked up a roster spot which is impressive considering he is a 7th round pick.

McBride, a 5-9, 185-pound cornerback from Ole Miss, has made at least one play in every practice. He's a lock to make the roster -- a real accomplishment for a seventh-round pick -- and has put pressure on fifth-rounder Corey Graham, a 6-foot, 195-pound cornerback. Graham has traits and measurables but might take a year to find his sea legs. The Bears likely will give him the time because they invested a pick in him.