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Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts Preseason Game Thread

The Bears and the Colts meet up again to play a game that means little to either.

Where-RCA Dome
When- 7 PM CST

Things to watch.

Rex Grossman- Can he stay consistent. It would also be nice to see a little of this aerial attack we keep hearing about.  How about a bomb to Berrian to kick this thing off?

Brian Urlacher and Tommie Harris- Both Pro Bowlers will be seeing their first preseason action.  

Greg Olsen- It would be nice to see more of what he can offer down the field.

Devin Hester- I know they aren't giving away the farm with him, but how about a quick reverse just for the fans?

Secondary- Manning is in town, can they handle it?

Special Teams-  The best special teams in the league looked anything but last week.  Dave Toub said it can all be corrected.  Let us hope so.