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Bears Defeat Colts 27-24

The Bears beat the Colts by 3 in a game that featured a mixed bag of Bears performances.

After a solid outing versus the Texans, Grossman looked anything but slick.  He accompanied three fumbles with a 9 for 11 6ish yards per throw performance.

A few other quick thoughts.

-Cedric Benson looks to be every bit the certain 2-3 yard runner, but if this is all he has to offer we are going to be missing Jones long run ability.  I will give Benson credit he is looking to be a decent pass catcher.

-Bears special teams get back to normal on both sides of the ball.

-CBs Graham, Mixon and safety Kevin Payne all had interceptions.

-Brian Griese looked better this time around.

Look out for a fuller more detailed recap from South Side hopefully early tomorrow.