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Is the Bears vs. Colts Pre Season Gamer Really A Rematch?

If you have been keeping up there has been significant writings on the rematch of the Super Bowl between the Bears and the Colts this Monday.

It seems to be quite the polarizing topic.  Some are all over it, while others have gone the other route.

Personally, it isn't playing the Colts if you aren't playing Manning.  Screw every other player on that team, if Manning isn't playing you aren't playing that team.  So if he comes in and goes 2-3 for 30 yards, a rematch it does not make.  

Secondly, these people don't seriously thing all these vets are taking this serious, do they?  Maybe a hit or two will be harder than it would normally be, but that is about it.

Neither team will have their full offenses or defenses on display.

What about you?  Are any of you excited that we meet the Colts in preseason?