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Bears Still Looking To Fill Out Their Receiving Corp

MIke Hass and Brandon Rideau are running neck and neck for a roster spot

Their are questions concerning who will fill out the Bears receiving corp.  This much we know.

Mushin Muhammad
Bernard Berrian
Rashied Davis
Mark Bradley

These guys are locked in.  Standard thinking is that they will keep only 6 receivers.  The current depth chart has Devin Hester and Mike Hass as the last two.  Hester however is currently listed as the PK/KR on the Bears roster, so I wouldn't think he comes into play when making this count and he is only in for a package of plays, so I am not sure how that affects the number of spots available.

It seems the remaining two who are still fighting for a roster spot are Hass and Brandon Rideau.  Both players have had good showings at camp and both have made plays in preseason.

Rideau has 5 catches for 87 yards in two preseason games; however, he haa a drop to his name and sprained his ankle in the game versus the Colts.

Hass had no catches the first game, but had two for 48 and a special teams fumble recovery last Monday.

Assuming that only one of these guys makes the roster and the other goes to the practice squad these are the guys who are currently on the outs.

David Ball, R
Drisan James, R
Timon Marshall, 1
Clinton Solomon, 1

I am not sure how many WRs are kept on the practice squad, so some of these guys may still stay with the team in that manner.

I heard a lot of good things about Hass when we picked him up, but I have liked what I have seen from both players.