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Bears Headed For A Patriots-esque Run?

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Everything is subjective in football except that Atlanta and Oakland will suck this year.  Whether we are talking about Rex Grossman or who is the best team in the AFC you can find good reasoning behind both sides.  Truth is the answer is probably always somewhere in the middle.  I am obviously a bit biased, but it has always seemed that the tilt is always against the Bears.  I did however run across this article yesterday by Mike Freeman for CBS Sportsline.  I think I have found the guy who is driving our bandwagon.  His main statement is that the Bears are the one team aside from the Patriots who have a chance to be the next dynasty and while there are a lot of ifs, some of his points are quite valid.

Just to take a look at some blubs:

...if there is any franchise ready to make a New England Patriots-like dynasty run -- a highly difficult feat to be sure but not entirely impossible in today's parity-filled NFL -- it is the Chicago Bears.


No team in the NFL (except the Patriots themselves) is better prepared to make a major and sustained Super Bowl run than the Bears. Not Seattle, Indianapolis, New Orleans, or San Diego. No franchise. Period.

The Bears have a stable front office, a roster loaded with exciting young talent and a coaching staff that ranks among the top five in football.

He then goes on to list 10 reasons why the Bears can achieve this goal.

8. Jerry Angelo, general manager: Totally screwed up Smith's contract situation last year by making Smith wait unnecessarily, but Angelo is very Patriot-like in his approach to building the team. The Bears mostly build through the draft, make smart free-agent choices and respect the salary cap.

5. Speed: San Diego, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Jacksonville (on defense), Baltimore (on defense) and the Bears are among the teams in football with the greatest team speed, according to two NFL scouts. These scouts rank the Bears as perhaps No. 1.

It finishes with saying that their are other NFL scouts who think this theory holds water, but some are worried that the Bears could be the next Bills, because the AFC is so strong.  Not many teams can put up a ton of points on us, with a opportunistic D and special teams if we make it a few times we will win some.