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Grossman Stil The Bears' Man

We have all been watching sports long enough to see how easily one person can rip apart a team.  That is why I find it so impressive that no matter what gets dropped at Grossman's feet, regardless of whether it is his fault the team sticks together.  

This say a lot of the leadership of this team, from Coach Smith and his staff to team leaders like Urlacher, Brown and Ogunleye.

"The reason they're bashing him? I really don't know," wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad said. "But am I surprised? No. I don't think that it's caused us to lose any confidence in what he can do."


"It's a continuation of last year, so, no, we're not (surprised)," defensive end Adewale Ogunleye said. "I'm not. To play in this town as a quarterback is pretty tough from what I'm seeing. I would not want to be a quarterback in this city, not at all.

"(But) I'm sure he's going to bounce back. The bad snaps, I think that's something that's easily corrected, more so than throwing interceptions."


"I think he can make some great plays," Muhammad said. "And he will make some great plays and he'll win a lot of games for us this year. He might have some bad games this year, too, but I think Rex has given the players in this room enough reason for us to have confidence in him.

"I honestly believe he's given the city of Chicago enough reason to have some love for him. But for some reason or another, people find a reason to hate you, too."


"I've always admired Rex," center Olin Kreutz said. "Rex is a tough guy, a professional, takes a lot of blame on himself."