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San Francisco 49ers VS. Chicago Bears- Game Thread

The up and coming 49ers bring their 1-1 preseason record to Solider Field to take on the 2-0 defending NFC Champs.

Where- Soldier Field
When- 7PM CST

The replay is on NFLN I believe on Monday night, so hopefully South Side can catch this one live and give a recap.

Obviously, the most watched person here is going to be Rex Grossman.  I seriously doubt he will repeat the 3 fumble performance of last week.  Again, I would like to see him move this offense more than the preseason norm of 7 yard passes and quick dump offs to Cedric Benson.  

Speaking of Benson, his pre season performance has been average.  He has shown to be a better receiving threat that normal, but his run performance has only be ok.

Tommie Harris will be a game time decision, but it would be nice to see him on the field again.