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Colin Cowherd Still Hasn't Learned To Keep His Trap Shut

Here are the concessions I will make for Colin Cowherd, but these are the only ones.

  1. He does create opinions.  Whether you agree or disagree or your opinion is he just sucks, his name keeps getting brought up and he keeps getting listeners.
  2. He has on more than one occasion stated that he will put his name on the line on nothing outside of college football, so maybe he thinks that gives him a pass.
Onto the rant:

Last year, back in July, Cowherd made a statement that I remember very well.  He was talking about how the Bengals would not be a very good team.  He then said the other team that he thinks will flop is the Bears because their defense is all smoke and mirrors and what does smoke and mirrors get you?  A Super Bowl game, I guess.

Today he had Peter King on his show and again said he thinks the Bears will not be very good.  This time he didn't even bother to give a reason.  Peter King disagreed and got Cowherd to either agree or state the following facts.

  1. Grossman is not a singles kind of guy, he hits home runs.
  2. If Grossman is at least more consistent or better than last year, this offense will be vastly improved.  Duh!
  3. Greg Olsen is a big time talent and will have a huge impact on this team.
They didn't even have time to discuss that the Bears are healthy at least for now, that Bears are one of the fastest teams in the league or that Bears are actually deeper than they were last year.  Yet, Cowherd still "has a bad feeling" about the Bears.

To make things worse, in the same interview he went on to praise Joey Harrington.  Don't get me wrong, I think Harrington will be better just for being out the clusterf**k that is the Motor City, but what exactly has he ever done?  He has only had one of the most loaded receiving corps in the league yet guys like Mike Furrey and Scotty Vines lead the team in receptions.

I don't know who I would replace him with, but there has got to be a guy whose opinion is a least a little bit more reputable than his.