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I Thought Peter King Had A Job

Whether it being that SI didn't think Peter King had enough work to do or whatever universe King himself is living in thought this was a good idea here it is.  Peter Kings top 500 players.

  1.      Brian Urlacher LB, Bears      League's most versatile defensive player
  2.      Tommie Harris DT, Bears      Hamstring injury crippled Bears late in '06
  3.      Lance Briggs LB, Bears      More tackles, sacks than Urlacher in '06
  4.      Devin Hester WR-KR, Bears      Wowseven TDs in 85 touches last year
  5.      Charles Tillman CB, Bears      Fiesty, physical ... best big corner in football
  6.      Olin Kreutz C, Bears      Lovie: "Best leader I've ever coached''
  7.      Mark Anderson DE, Bears      Played on only 48% of snaps but had 12 sacks
  8.      Nathan Vasher CB, Bears      Vasher-Tillman: NFL's best CB tandem
  9.      Bernard Berrian WR, Bears      Tore through defense in training camp
  10.      Rex Grossman QB, Bears      Can't have six bad games and be great
  11.      Mike Brown SS, Bears      Health always an asterisk with him
  12.      Adewale Ogunleye DE, Bears      A threat to get 15 sacks this year
  13.      Cedric Benson RB, Bears      Chicago traded the wrong back
  14.      Robbie Gould K, Bears      26 of 30 beyond 30 -- in Chicago
  15.      Alex Brown DE, Bears
  16.      Danieal Manning S, Bears
  17.      Greg Olsen TE, Bears
  18.      John Tait T, Bears
  19.      Muhsin Muhammad WR, Bears
  20.      Ruben Brown G, Bears
  21.      Hunter Hillenmeyer LB, Bears
  22.      Roberto Garza G, Bears