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A Fantasy Look At the Bears

Heading into Fantasy Football drafts, this article looks at who on the Bears roster is worth picking and where.

5-Star Players
Defense/special teams. There's a big debate over which is fantasy's top defense. The Ravens, Patriots and even the Chargers have been mentioned in the same breath as the Bears. But when you throw in special teams, it breaks the tie in favor of Chicago.

The Bears are actually modest when it comes to sacks (40), but they picked off 24 passes and got six touchdowns from rookie Devin Hester in the return game. Really, it comes down to having plenty of athletes on the field in both phases as both the speed and depth of Lovie Smith's Tampa 2 pays off. In any scoring format, the Bears are at least the No. 3 fantasy defense, but in those leagues that heavily reward big special teams plays, they are the clear No. 1.

Brian Urlacher, LB. If you're new to the world of IDP and have no idea who to take, grab the guy you know is absolutely awesome. Urlacher can produce in so many ways. Two years ago, he had no INTS but posted a career-high six sacks. Last season, he had no sacks but upped his tackles total to 141 and had a career-high tying three picks. He's the heart and soul of the Bears' defense, and he can be your IDP MVP, too.