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Adam Archuleta Creates A Triangle Of Terror

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Here is what I knew about Arch prior to being signed with the Bears.  I recall the World Wide Leader In Repeats did a special on his training technique.  I only recall that because I have some experience with plyometrics.  Then I heard nothing from him.

He then popped up in Washington and quickly was relegated to the bench and I assumed he was just following in the footsteps of Jason Seahorn.

When he came on with the Bears I can't say I was all the thrilled or disappointed either way.

The more I have seen him play and read about him, I think this could be quite beneficial for the Bears.

Arch has one weakness and if a team (Washington) brings him in pays him tons of money and then asks him to do the one thing he doesn't do well, that is hardly his fault.  He knows the Cover-2, he excels in it and it looks to be a perfect fit.

Regardless of whatever else happens the one thing I can tell you is whoever a team deems the guy to cross over the middle of the Bears D best have his life insurance filled out.  Between Urlacher, Arch and Brown there is no soft spot to land, you are going to feel it from some direction.  My best advice, run for the sidelines.