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ESPN Rates The Bears Tight Ends As Eighth Best

Don't ask me to explain why and when I decide to put up somebody's rankings.  I don't have a method or preferred ranker, I just put them up when I feel inclined to as I do now with a ranking of tight ends.

8. Chicago Bears
The first-round selection of the talented Greg Olsen, along with nine-year veteran Desmond Clark, gives the Bears a formidable tandem at tight end. Clark has natural receiving skills and is an excellent route runner. He uses his foot quickness and agility to get separation in short and intermediate zones. He has very soft hands and can make tough receptions in traffic. Clark is not a physical blocker, but can wall off well enough to make room to run on the edge. Olsen is an unproven NFL commodity who has the potential to be an impact player as a rookie. If he can gain strength and learn the Bears' system quickly, he will give Chicago the flexibility of having two excellent receiving tight ends on the field simultaneously. John Gilmore is Chicago's third tight end. He is primarily used in goal-line and short-yardage situations.