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Greg Olsen Might Be The Difference Maker Devin Hester Is Supposed To Be

It seems that everybody has their own opinion on how Devin Hester being on offense is going to change things.  Be it Berrian and Hester having a good ol fashion foot race to the endzone, the one I am fond of, or running a double reverse or just being a decoy everybody expects that defenses will have to game plan him.

In truth though if they will need to game plan for a player who will see the field more, Bears first round draft pick, Greg Olsen is the guy.

G-Reg is already drawing some comparisons to Mike Ditka's work ethic and will give offensive coordinator Ron Turner a lot more options.

Turner can pair Olsen in a double-tight-end formation with Clark, who is coming off a career year, and force defenses to make a decision. If teams view Olsen as a receiving threat and insert an extra defensive back, that opens up opportunities for the Bears' running game.

If teams keep a linebacker on the field in the hope he can cover Olsen, good luck. There are wide receivers in the Bears' camp who would lose a foot race to the 6-foot-5-inch, 254-pounder. One result should be Rex Grossman improving his third-down completion percentage (52 percent) and passer rating (66.4) from 2006.

In a division in which every defense primarily plays the Cover-2, which leaves the deep middle of the field vulnerable, having the second-fastest tight end in the league matters.

"I'm eager to see how teams will handle that," coach Lovie Smith said. "After you see him out running routes outside, you can easily treat him like a wide receiver. He has those kinds of skills."

There are going to be some defensive coordinators spending more time in the film room then they hoped to, now having to insert schemes for when Olsen is on the field as well as Hester.

And if they manage to stop them, I am sure Berrian will be somewhere near the endzone and Muhammad will be his usual steady self waiting for the ball.