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Bears Article Round Up

Camp Update: Harris traded, Clark playing well, focus on Danieal Manning

Charles Tillman and Nathan Vashar both see the benefit in both staying in Chicago

''It's good to know we'll be teammates for the next number of years,'' Vasher said. ''I don't think a lot of cornerback tandems get to play with each other throughout the course of their careers, but we've been fortunate enough to make that happen.''

Coach Smith doesn't buy into the Super Bowl loser curse

The defense is stepping up, giving Grossman a run for his money

"Each day the defense installs a little bit more and the offense installs a little bit more, so it gets a little bit more complex as training camp goes along," Grossman said Thursday in Bourbonnais.

It wasn't a case of the offense being ahead of the defense as much as it was a case where more offensive options were installed before the defense began mixing up and disguising its coverages.

"Anytime you know exactly what the defense is going to do it's a lot easier," Grossman said. "When they install their whole defense, you don't know what's coming.

"This is good work for the offense."

Grossman has continued to find wide receiver Bernard Berrian deep behind coverage, but the middle routes and shorter routes have been shut down. On Thursday, Grossman suffered through his first two-interception practice.