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SBN NFC Fantasy Draft

If you recall last year we had barely half the teams covered and ran one league in which I lost to my boss in the Finals.  This year we have all but two teams covered, so we are running an NFC and an AFC league with hopes we can put the two in a Super Bowl at the end.  Our draft was last night, 12 teams, I picked 10th.

I am happy with my team.  From the 10 spot I did not get a lot of the guys I wanted, but I was trying to be very disciplined and not jumping on players too early.  There was a lot of homer picks last night and I have to say there were some picks I wouldn't have made in a million years, but here is my squad with the round I picked them.


Matt Hasselbeck (7)
Rex Grossman (11)

I was angling to perhaps get Cutler, but he came of the board and Hasselbeck was the only guy left before the QBs dropped off.  I knew Grossman would sit for awhile, so I didn't mind hanging him out there for a few more rounds.


Willie Parker (1)
Maruice Jones-Drew (2)
Ladell Betts (5)
Michael Turner (10)
Anthony Thomas (15)

I am not a fan of Parker and normally I wouldn't draft him, but at 10 I knew I needed to put together as solid of a RB corp as I could.


Reggie Wayne (3)
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (4)
Bernard Berrian (6)
Matt Jones (12)
Eric Moulds (16)

I passed over Torry Holt to take Wayne.  Holt has said he is only at 60 percent after his injury and I didn't want to start with a receiver who is hobbling.  One hit and I am out a receiver.

The T.J. pick was fine with me now I have receivers being thrown to by Manning and Palmer.  I can handle that.


Randy McMichael (8)
Greg Olsen (13)

I am high on McMichael this year.  With Bulger throwing to him and Holt hurt I could get some good numbers out of him.  I reached over a number of TEs to make sure I got him.  He wasn't a reach, but I might have been able to get him the next round.


Stephen Gostkowski (14)


Philadelphia Eagles (9)

There you have it.  The team that is going to bring it home this year.