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Bears Defense Will Be A Monster

I don't know if it is an attitude that Coach Smith sets or something he asks of his defensive coordinator or maybe it is just that Jerry Angelo looks for a certain type of player, but it just seems like this defense just seems to respond.  They always seemed hyped up and always have so much fun. Even when they have a diva like Lance Briggs has had they just kept on rolling.

Case in point, at Friday's practice, DC Babich challenged the Bears D to come up with 6 turnovers.  Just 6?  Why not 20?

"We came out with a lot of enthusiasm," said safety Mike Brown. "We were challenged in the meetings. Our goal was to get six turnovers and things worked out for us.

"It shows that when we play with enthusiasm and energy we play a lot better. I think that's all the challenge was. It took us until the last play of practice to get it, but we got it done."

The flip side of this of course is that it means Rex is tossing some INTs.  I am not worried yet, but I would prefer less of those and soon.