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Brad Maynard Taking A Step Up

Brad Maynard is an above average punter.  Not a phenomenal one, but really good. He never really had a ton of strength, but his directional punting has always been good.  Last year he had a rough time.  Maybe not wanting to be known as the weak point on a stellar special teams squad, Maynard hit the weight room and has been booming kicks.

Picking up where he left off in OTA workouts, the 11-year veteran has routinely launched punts high into the Bourbonnais sky and deep down the field, averaging 51 yards and a 4.58 hang time in training camp.

Punter Brad Maynard ranks second in Bears history with a 42.4-yard gross average.
"He's punting the ball real well and real consistent," Toub said. "He had a really good offseason. He got stronger and it's showing up in his hang times and distances."

The Bears defense can do a lot.  They are capable of the big play on every down.  If Maynard is going to make it a habit to put the other team way back, it is going to allow just that many more opportunities for the Bears D to tee of on somebody.