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Rex Grossman Hits #9 On Fantasy Football List

As we close in on preseason games, I am sure the fantasy football talk will increase on sites across the web.  Generally, a web wide decision has been made on Rex Grossman that he has little value.  This obviously shows a site's lack of knowledge on how fantasy football is played and also a lack of foresight that he actually might improve in only his second full season and a new loaded offense.

PFT is doing their positional rankings for fantasy football and are starting with QBs.  Rex Grossman comes in at #9.  While it is nice to see them ranking him so high, maybe they should go ahead and give a good reason.  They site Devin Hester on offense as the reason his numbers will boost.  While Hester will give him more options there are many more things that would boost Grossman's number other than Hester.