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The Bears Have Depth

This is more a testament to Angelo than it is giving props to guys who could start for other teams.  Either way, this article lists 9 Bears backups who could either start or be higher on the depth chart of other teams.  They also list an ideal team to go after those players.

Alex Brown

Brown still may start for the Bears. He is a two-time Pro Bowl alternate whom the Bears allowed to solicit trade offers last off-season, none of which were good enough to give away an all-around end who has started 64 straight games.

Who should call: New York Giants. Michael Strahan is near retirement and Brown has more sacks than Strahan (21-18.5) over the last three years. At this point of their careers, frankly, Brown is better.

Brian Griese
Israel Idonije
Danieal Manning

Rick Manning Jr.

He came to Chicago with designs on a starting job. That won't happen with Nathan Vasher and Charles Tillman set, but Manning was a sometime starter at Carolina.

Who should call: New England Patriots. Franchise-tagged Asante Samuel is threatening to hold out the first 10 games and Manning is a No. 1 nickel corner at the least.

Terrance Metcalf
Kyle Orton

Adrian Peterson

The quiet one is a low-mileage 28 years old and a true every-down back, skilled as a ball carrier, receiver and pass protector. He is 210 pounds with a career average of 4.7 yards per carry. He has started only one game as a Bear (in 2003); he would start many more elsewhere.

Who should call: Green Bay Packers. Northwestern's Noah Herron may be the answer, but Peterson is an ideal fit with Favre in that offense. One problem: Angelo won't answer the phone when caller ID reveals who's on the line.

and Jamar Williams