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Bears Trade Dante Wesley

The Bears might have played it close to the vest in the early stages of the off season, but they are really starting to pick things up.  This time around they have traded CD Dante Wesley.  Wesley was traded to New England for a conditional seventh round draft pick.  Not doubt that could probably move to a sixth based on how much he plays for the Patriots.

The interesting part of this story is that the Bears are now down a gunner on punt returns and defensvie end Israel Idonije.

"With our punter (Brad Maynard), because he's able to put the ball where he wants, he can put the ball down right in front of Izzy," Toub said. "We can count on Izzy beating the corner and safety downfield and he'll force the fair catch.

"We'll try it in the preseason. We have to make sure he isn't going to go down there and rough up the returner or anything in regular season. He's got some things to learn."

Rookie cornerback Trumaine McBride will also be considered for the job.