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Training Camp News

The Bears have released their first depth chart and as expected Mark Anderson is listed ahead of Alex Brown for the spot of right end.

In other roster news Dusty Dvoracek still is in front of Darwin Walker and Anthony Adams and rookies, Josh Beekman and Aaron Brant, are still behind reserves Tyler Reed and Mark LeVoir.


Linebakers Brian Urlacher and Michael Okwo have sat out some practices due to "general soreness", while Hunter Hillenmeyer is being held out for a minor ankle injury.

Backup running back was not present for a few practices as his wife was giving birth to their second child.  Benson ran with the first and second team offenses.


In Wednesday's practice the Bears receivers had a hard time holding onto the football as the Bears offense slowed.  Some extra Darryl Drake mandated practice time cured that problem.


Hester continues to have ups and downs.  One time dropping a pass and getting leveled by Brandon McGowan the next knocking the socks off a rookie safety with a cut move.


While Devin Hester and Greg Olsen continue to get most of the press, it is actually rookie cornerback Trumaine McBride that has been the star of camp.  Most thought he would not make the final roster, but based on what he has shown with the defense and on special teams is what led the Bears to trade Dante Wesley to the Patriots.