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Mark Anderson- A Freak Unleashed

Freak.  It is becoming a common word surrounding the Chicago Bears team.  Urlacher is one as is Tommie Harris.  Devin Hester joined the team last season.  It looks like the newest member will be potential starter Mark Anderson.

''How many guys with a 43-inch vertical [jump] do you know?'' Bears coach Lovie Smith said when asked about his new starting right end, who displaced Alex Brown in the offseason despite Brown's status as a Pro Bowl alternate on a Super Bowl team.

Anderson says he can run a 4.5-second 40-yard dash. Does that mean he could beat Urlacher in a race?

The Bears defensive line is getting downright scary.  Between Harris, Ogunleye and Anderson will the opposing QB ever be able to throw the ball?  And that isn't even taking into consideration Darwin Walker who is coming in as a pass rushing specialist.