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Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoracek Done For Season

The Bears lost more than the game yesterday.  They lost two of their defensive starters.

Mike Brown again will not finish a full season after injuring his knee in the fourth quarter.

Dvoracek also will not play the majority of a season for the second straight year after tearing his ACL.

We are a much better off squad in terms of depth this year, so the loss will not be as big a deal, but this does bring up a bigger question.  That being what do we do with Mike Brown.  We cannot keep relying on him to be our starter if he cannot get through the year.

The loss of Brown will push second year man Danieal Manning into the lineup.  This will also likely limit his kick off duties.  We will likely see Rasheed Davis handle more of those.  

As for Dvoracek, Darwin Walker and Anthony Adams will both receive more time.  I don't think it matters a ton as long as Harris is in there.  He makes it easier for whoever is playing next to him.