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Grading Out

Since every article is either talking about the Bears miscues or not knowing anything about Mike Brown's condition, I will instead look at the grades being given to the Bears.  As to be expected the running backs are taking the hit.


C- Maybe the pick wasn't Rex Grossman's fault, but the fumble was. He just didn't make many plays.

Running backs
F Cedric Benson ran into piles, was stopped and fumbled. Adrian Peterson fumbled, but he also recovered Rex Grossman's fumble.

Offensive line
F The Chargers' defensive line, especially nose tackle Jamal Williams, kept re-establishing the line of scrimmage in the Bears' backfield.


Ratings - One football (poor) to five footballs (best).


Quarterback - 2 footballs - No longer expected to be spectacular, Rex Grossman barely completed half his passes (12 of 23). He threw downfield to Bernard Berrian a couple of times in the first half, but his primary responsibility is not to mess up. He threw 1 interception at the goal line and had 1 fumble.

Running back - 1 1/2 footballs - Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson managed just 80 yards on 26 carries and both lost fumbles. Would Thomas Jones have done better?

Wide receivers - 2 footballs - Bernard Berrian had 5 catches for 83 yards, and Muhsin Muhammad had 1 catch that was most impressive for the effort he made after the catch. But no catches for Rashied Davis or Devin Hester.

Offensive line - 2 footballs

Benson had no holes, and Grossman was sacked three times (although twice came from far outside). Is this unit too old?


Quarterback: C-

Rex Grossman's biggest problem was his lack of time to pass, but that was to be expected. And it got worse once the Bears fell behind. His interception looked to be WR Bernard Berrian's fault for breaking off a route, but no one was admitting it afterward.
Running backs: F

Regardless of yardage, RBs Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson committed the cardinal sin when running the football: They lost fumbles, and even worse, they did it at crucial times in the game. Benson got stuffed on a critical fourth-and-1 with 6:02 left.
Receivers: C+

Berrian backed up coaches' complements calling him the team's top receiver by making five catches for 83 yards. Muhsin Muhammad didn't catch a pass until 7:47 remained in the game. The Bears missed Greg Olsen's presence in their two-tight end offense, but Desmond Clark did get three tosses for 38 yards.
Offensive line: D

It was harder for Bears ballcarriers to find real estate than it is to find cheap real estate in the San Diego area -- and that's difficult. Grossman knew what kind of protection he was going to have on his second play -- when he took a vicious sack from Shaun Phillips, who looked like he hadn't even been touched.