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Bears, No Worse For Wear With Brown and Dvoracek Out

The Bears in the off season have taken a rash of criticism on what they did do and what they didn't.  I thought it was fair now to applaud Angelo for what he did.  

With the signings of Adam Archuleta, Darwin Walker and Anthony Adams he effectively contained the damage that was done by the season ending injuries to Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoracek.  You can never fully replace someone like Brown, but when you have brought in a safety who excels in the system and is above average at stopping the run it helps.

The line up does not look all that bad now.  Darwin Walker, a pass rusher, will start next to Tommie Harris.  That should actually increase the pressure on the QB.  While not a speedster, Danieal Manning is faster than Brown and Arch, giving us potentially better coverage down field though he still needs some work.  Defensive Cooridinator Babich says Manning probably has the best overall skill set of their defensive backs.

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