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Bears Move UP In Power Polls

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Despite losing last week's game to the Chargers and losing two defensive starters, the Bears actually moved up 2 and 3 places in 2 of these polls.

I can only assume with the losses that the Saints and Eagles took, the Bears defense is worth the extra places.

ESPN- 4(4)

Things quickly have turned bad for the Bears. Not only did they lose to the Chargers, but Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson are still in the starting lineup. And now the defense has lost two starters to season-ending injuries.

FOX- 4(6)

Turnovers and offensive inconsistency cost the Bears Sunday in San Diego. Though the defense looked stellar, Lovie Smith and Ron Turner's offense simply couldn't get it going against the favored Chargers. Four turnovers, a shaky running game, and missed opportunities throughout the game haunted Chicago. Both Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson fumbled in big spots during the second half, sealing the game for San Diego. The loss of Mike Brown will hurt the defense, but the Bears can get on track against Kansas City this Sunday. It's a winnable game. That is, of course, if the Bears offense decides to show up.

CBS- 7(10)

At some point, they have to open up their offense. If Rex Grossman can't do it, go somewhere else. Playing it safe doesn't work.