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Corey Dillion To Chicago?

Could the man who broke Walter Payton's single game rushing record (later broke by Jamal Lewis) be heading to Chicago?

Word is if Benson and/or Peterson cannot step up their game, GM Angelo might be on the hunt for some new blood, be it in a slightly older body.

The name that has surfaced is former Bengal and Patriot Corey Dillion.  

If Benson does not start producing, the team is going to have to start thinking about other options because there may not be another one on the roster. Rookie Garrett Wolfe didn't see the field Sunday...

One back who will field calls is Corey Dillon, who gained 812 yards last season splitting time with Laurence Maroney in New England and scored 13 touchdowns.

''If the right team called, there might be interest,'' said Steve Feldman, agent for the 32-year-old Dillon. ''Chicago is definitely a right team.''

A younger option could be available via trade. Denver has shopped Mike Bell, who had 677 yards and eight touchdowns as a rookie in 2006

Whether it is all speculation and rumor or legit, it is a good one to hear.  The Bears should talk to him regardless, he would make a quality guy to share time with Benson.  That would shift Peterson back to special teams where he excels.

Thanks to Chad and Brio Hondo for being on top of this one.