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Interview- Mike Hass

I was contacted by a representative for Bears receiver Mike Hass back in the off season.  He offered me an interview with his client.  I opted to wait to see if he made the roster, which he did.  So I contacted his agent and set something up.  

Of course doing, interviews through email does take away the ability to extend the conversation, so the answers in these are a bit short.

1) How does it feel now having made the 53 man roster?

Great, something I worked really hard for and it is a great sense of accomplishment for me.

2) What have you improved on most since the start of training camp?

Running the routes designed for the offense.

3) What was the hardest part about training camp?

Coming out everyday in the heat and performing at a high level.

4) What's it like playing in Soldier Field?

It's a beautiful stadium and even with the renovation there is so much tradition inside and the fans are definitely fun to play for.

5) Who would you compare your skills to (currently in league)?

Don't know

6) Which player did you admire growing up?

I liked Barry Sanders like most kids, but I really didn't have one favorite player I just liked to watch football all the time.

7) For most of the preseason it was you and Brandon Rideau fighting for the last receiver spot.  Did you keep track of how Rideau did or compare your numbers in preseason to his as a gauge?


8) A big part of younger players making the roster depends on how they play on special teams.  How hard it is to adjust to that?  Also, have you had to try to tackle Devin Hester?  Is he really that fast or just knows how to find the holes?

I knew special teams are important so it wasn't hard to adjust.  I played them in college as well so I had a little bit of a base of understanding.  Devin is a special player and I'm lucky I haven't had to try and tackle him.

9) Has any one player helped you get acclimated to the Bears system more than others?

Not one player specifically but all the receivers help each other out while learning the system.  Coach Drake and Coach Turner of course helped a ton as well.

a) favorite movie?  All three Rambo's
b) favorite musician? Not really one in particular because I like so many but Bob Seger is good.
c) which jersey do you prefer blue, white or the alternate orange? I like the home blue.

There it is.  Thanks to Mike and his reps for hooking us up and thanks to those of you who offered up questions.  I think I used a majority of those.