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BEARS Defeat The CHIEFS 20-10

While the numbers didn't look all that great, the Bears moved to a 1-1 record by beating the Chiefs 20-10.

Despite promises to open up the offense, it looks like Ron Turner might have actually shut it down a little.  

Grossman's numbers of 20 of 34 for 160, 1 TD and 2 INTs with a 4.7 average don't spark a whole lot of hope, but again how much is Grossman and how much is it not letting him go for the home run?

Benson had the bounce back game he needed rushing for 101 with a 4.2 average.  Enough to calm down the Corey Dillon talks?

Berrian again leads in receptions with 5 for 65 yards.

The Chiefs offensive numbers were a bit worse.  The Bears held Larry Johnson to 55 yards with a 3.4 yard average.

Nice to get the win, but doesn't do much show a whole lot.  Dallas is next week and they are playing well right now.  I can't say this week's performance makes me all tingly.