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Post Game Round Up

Unlike last week, there was much more to talk about this time around.

On Grossman:

only half bad

Offense, Rex Not In Sync

Good Rex, Bad Rex Redux

After completing 65 percent of his first-half passes and generally managing the game well enough to help give the Bears a 17-7 halftime lead over the Chiefs, something went so characteristically wrong.

An interception. A sack on third-and-4. Another interception.

That's how three consecutive drives ended in the second half, all giving the Chiefs plenty of life to steal a game on the lakefront.

Fortunately for Bears fans, the Chiefs' offense was basically dead on arrival.

On Hester:

Hester Dazzles

People at a loss for words to describe Hester

''Devin Hester is the best in the league, period,'' Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson said. ''As you could see today, he's crazy; the guy is phenomenal.

Adding To Hester's Legacy

On the Defense:

Defense picking up the slack

Bears Defense To the Rescue