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Donovan McNabb Doesn't Really Watch Football

In case you hadn't read this article Philly QB Donovan McNabb has stated that black QBs are criticized more because there are so few black QBs and the league doesn't want many.

I am not going to get into whether the league/owners want more, but I have to call a few things like I see them with McNabb's assertion.

Firstly, he compares what is said about him compared to Payton Manning and Carson Palmer.  You cannot compare yourself to the top 2% of QB regardless of color if you are not in the top 2%.  You are not Manning, Palmer or Brady, so get that out of your head. Besides didn't Manning take a lot about not being clutch until he won the big game?

Secondly, I am going to rattle a few names off here and tell me when I hit somebody who has not been criticized more or the same as McNabb.  Chad Pennington, Jeff Garcia, Jon Kitna, Drew Bledsoe, Chris Simms, Kyle Boller, David Carr, Damon Huard, J.P. Loseman and wait...there was one other guy I meant to mention...OH YEAH....Rex Grossman.  Grossman only went to the Super Bowl last year and has heard it from game 6 on, even in a three game stretch toward the end of the season where he had at most 1 INT, he still took it on the chin.

I am not naive enough to say that race is never an issue in things like this, but I am not ignorant enough to blindly accept race as the reason for everything.  Maybe they criticize you because like last night you were missing receivers by 15 yards.

Of course, my opinion is subject to change if the Bears did go after him at the end of the season.