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Bears Finalize 53 Man Roster

The Bears cut 19 players to get their roster to a league mandated 53 players.

The players cut were:

RB Josh Allen
WR David Ball
WR Drisan James
DE Copeland Bryan
DE Chris Frome
DT Tory Collins
DT Antonio Garay
S  Tyler Everett
CB Greg Fassitt
CB Tim Mixon
QB Chris Leak
T  Mark LeVoir
TE Fontel Mines
TE Brett Pierce
G  Anthony Oakley
G  Tyler Reed
S Andrew Shanle
LB Danny Verdun Wheeler
T  Steven Vieira

The Bears have also placed rookie Dan Bazuin and Quadtrine Hill on injured reserve.

Most of the names on the list knew they were headed out.  The only ones that were thought to have a real shot at a roster spot were Reed and LeVoir.