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5 Questions With the Cowboys Blogger

The illustrious blogger, Grizz, over at Blogging The Boys was good enough to answers some Cowboys related questions for us.

1) Julius Jones- 31 attempts 98 yards with a 3.2 average.  Marion Barber- 25 attempts 154 yards with a 6.2 average.  Why exactly isn't Barber getting the bulk of the carries?

Well you've just stepped into one of the biggest and most contentious debates among the Cowboys faithful. I guess the answer and the one we get from the coach is the old adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's working, last year and so far this year our offense has been potent and they don't want to mess with it too much. There are some tactical reasons given and they are usually about keeping Barber fresh so he can grind down teams later in games and continue to produce TD's at a remarkable rate. There's also concern about Barber's running style, he's so physical that people worry if he gets too many carries he will eventually get hurt. They also like the contrast in style between Jones and Barber. Personally, I think Barber will start to get more of the carries and as the season rolls along and everybody will know he's the feature back, even though Julius will continue to "start".

2) Is Romo really 119 QB Rating good, or is he more 85-90 good who has only played Miami and New York?

That's the question. Romo is good, and sometimes he is very good, but so far this season the teams we've played haven't had stellar starts for their defense. Miami's defense isn't bad, but they're not in the Bears' class. So we are looking at this game as a measuring stick for Romo. If I'm a betting man I think by the end of the year they will be talking about Romo as one of the best QB's in the league. We have so many weapons on offense, an improved offensive line and a play-caller who is very aggressive. That usually leads to big stats. Hopefully stats turn into wins like they have so far. He might not be 119 QB rating good, but he is very good.

3) TO tried to out a man who was dating a Playmate of the Year, but hasn't gone after Romo whose name is the bait.  What exactly are they feeding him down there, he is actually boring right now.  Randy Moss, TO and Plaxico Burress have all been keeping playing well with the
other kids during recess, what is the likely hood a group meltdown that will knock the Earth off it's access is only moments away?

I have been reporting on my blog that T.O.'s body has been taken over by aliens, ala Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He's a pod-person. No one is more surprised by T.O.'s sudden change than Cowboys fans, and no one is more appreciative. We kind of lived in fear of a meltdown at some point last year but other than some minor annoyances it never really happened. Now we don't worry as much because the real answer is T.O. and Tony Romo get along very well, T.O. likes the new WR coach and the new offensive coordinator, and they are making a point of getting him the ball in the offense. Will it last? I don't know, they say T.O. and McNabb were best of buddies for a while before it all went south. But we're enjoying it for the moment.

4) What's up with Terrance Newman?  Should we expect to see him this Sunday night?

Hard to say. He practiced last week and tested out his foot before the game but was a no-go. He's practicing again this week but Wade Phillips isn't very good about accurately predicting a return from injury. He's always optimistic and everybody is day-to-day even if they are in a coma. I get the feeling he will play. I think the Cowboys believed they could get by Miami without him, but they probably don't think that about the Bears. Our offense won't score like we did in the first two weeks, so it will be very important to play some defense. He and DeMarcus Ware are our two best defensive players.

5) Dallas is currently rated 26th in overall defense and 4th in offense.  Chicago is currently ranked 30th in offense and 5th in defense.  Which is more likely?  A 0-0 game or a 45-45 one?

Can I take the easy way out and say neither? I expect it to be a somewhat low scoring game, but I don't think the Cowboys offense will be totally shut-down. We'll put some points on the board and this will force the Bears to try and match, probably leading to more chance-taking by your offense. The winning team will score in the low 20's and the losing team will score in the teens.