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Who They Got? - Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are the fist team we will loog at for Who They Got?. We are looking at for players that are not in the spotlight that could add to any team.

Chad has stopped by to offer up today's player.

Head to the comment section to claim one of the remaining teams from the first group.

Sure, Brad Maynard has done a nice job for us.  But sorry Brad, you're out!  In this exercise I was asked to find a guy on the Cowboys that we would like on this team and the guy I want is Pro-Bowl punter Mat McBriar.  I looked over the roster and depth chart for the Cowboys and found a few players that I would love for the Bears to have, but they did not qualify for this assignment.  I was to find a guy that was either not a starter or not a really well known player.  And I don't think that anyone but the most ardent football fans really know Mat McBriar.

Mat was born in Melbourne, Australia where he learned to kick by growing up playing Australian Rules Football.  As a child he moved to Hawaii and then attended the University of Hawaii.  Undrafted out of college, he started on the Denver Broncos then was traded to Seattle before getting cut.  He found a home in Dallas and will probably be staying there for some time.

Last year McBriar led the NFL in punting average with a 48.2 mark.  This was the first time that a punter has finished the season with an average of over 48 yards since 1963.  And while he can kick the ball exceedingly far, he is quite good at pinning the opposing offense deep in their own territory.  While 22 punts inside the 20 doesn't seem like a lot (the league leader had 35) he did this while only punting 57 times compared to almost double the attempts of the guys who finished ahead of him in that stat.

With the way our team is built, a world class punter only makes us that much more dangerous.  It is quite obvious that opposing teams will have a hard time moving the ball at all, and if Mat McBriar can tack on an extra 5 or 6 yards per possession, it will make it all the more difficult.

I just hope we get to McBriar punt many times on Sunday night.  Well, not to see him but because the more he punts the more Devin Hester will play.

Thanks Chad.

Remember you don't have to make any direct comparison to this team, though you are more than welcome to.

The teams that we need a writer for are the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.