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VASQUEROS Defeat the OSHOS 34-10

As the Editor of Windy City Gridiron I try to take a certain approach to the tone of this site.  In general I would call myself an optimist.  The problem is I am losing all the fire power I have to defend Rex Grossman.  

I can say that the offensive line apparently can only play one half, because the Cowboys were all over Grossman.  I could say that our running game was close to useless and fumbled at inopportune times.  I could say that Berrian dropped 3 passes including one for an almost sure TD.  I could say that Muhammad gave up on a route, but at the end of the day Grossman has next to no mobility, he doesn't  look to have any pocket presence and doesn't know anybody is on him until the last minutes and it just looks like he is winging it.  Just look for some blue and chuck the ball.  

I can't even use the "he is the best option" argument anymore, because I don't know that he is. I don't think that Griese will do much better, but I am not so sure.  How about Kyle Orton?  He was supposed to have made drastic improvement over the off season.  Maybe we should see what we have in him.  

If all else fails we have our defense right?  What? We lost two guys for the season last week and this week for either the game or a few series Lance Briggs, Nathan Vashar,  Adewale Ogunleye and Tommie Harris were going to be out.  

Well surely we always have Devin Hester.  What?  He is going to fumble 3 times?

Are the football gods really that petty?

Something has to be done to save this season.  This defense is still top notch as is the special teams.  We cannot waste this on an ineffective offense.  Coach Smith needs to make changes.  If the problem is play calling then find somebody else to call plays.  If it is at QB, then find another QB, but do something.  Stop the insanity of just hoping it fixes itself.

At this point, they might just need to start Brian Griese just so they don't lose the rest of the locker room.  I am sure right now they aren't thinking that Grossman is the best answer.