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When Does Management Take Blame?

Firstly, let me say screw you McCaskey for not having cheerleaders.  At least then I would have something positive to post after games like last night.

This team is GM Jerry Angelo and Coach Smith's team.  Angleo drafted Grossman and Smith keeps him.

Same with Cedric Benson.

They drafted the players, they payed them, they enticed them to come to Chicago, they gave the team a game plan.

At what point does the blame stop going to Grossman or the run game or the offensive line and instead to these two guys for either not bringing in guys to take over or hanging with someone too long?

Obviously, I am not advocating shifting blame...yet.  These two have built one hell of a team and went from a 5 win team to a Super Bowl team in three years, but how long does Smith's inactivity in making a move or Angelo's not finding a replacement should Grossman not be able to get the job done get a free ride?

Just curious to see when each of you would start pointing fingers to management.