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Grossman Heading To The Bench?

It seems that everybody has decided that Bears QB is headed to the bench, even though nobody has any better evidence then reading into what Coach Smith says.

True, he did abandon his normal 'Rex is our guy' stance.  His words were now more of a 'If you come to practice on Wednesday you will see who is starting at all positions'.  I don't take that as a 100 percent sign that Grossman is going to get benched, but it does at the very least show that support is wavering.  It also has been pointed out that Rex's agent refused comment on his client's status, but that could be just as much because he didn't know the status.

I think they will look at the game tape and they are going to decide how much they can lay at the feet of Rex.  A lot of things went wrong Sunday night and not all of them were Grossman's fault.

That said two of those interceptions were all on Rex, the other may or may not without knowing the route Moose was supposed to run we cannot be sure. While the line also had issues protecting Rex, he did not do much to help them out.  He stood stoically in the pocket until seconds before he was about to get him and then decided he might want to try and get out of there.

If Coach Smith decides to start Brian Griese I think it is from the stand point of doing enough to get us in the playoffs.  I think he knows that Griese isn't going to win us the Super Bowl, but he can at least get us to the playoffs and that has to be his first thought.