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Bears Future QB

This article lists names that could be available to the Bears next year.  True, some are far fetched, but their names will be out there in the off season.

*Derek Anderson: The Browns quarterback who threw for 328 yards and five touchdowns in Week 2 is scheduled to become a restricted free agent.

*Brian Brohm: The Bears probably would have to be drafting high to get a shot at the Louisville quarterback. At this point Brohm looks like the only prospect you would even consider starting as a rookie.

*Daunte Culpepper: He could be the most talented quarterback available if he proves to be healthy in Oakland. Culpepper will be an unrestricted free agent but might not fit the Bears' offense.

*Josh McCown: The journeyman will be a free agent and the Raiders are likely to let him go.

*Donovan McNabb: It's unlikely the Chicago native will be traded or cut if coach Andy Reid remains in Philadelphia, as expected. But the Eagles did draft his potential successor this year, Kevin Kolb.

*Chad Pennington: He could be the best fit for the Bears' offense, and the Jets might be willing to trade him if Kellen Clemens shows he can be an NFL starter.

*Jake Plummer: The 32-year old is retired but under contract with the Bucs. If he decides he wants to play again for a team other than Tampa Bay, the Bucs probably would demand a second- or third-round pick in return. The Bears made a run at Plummer when he was a free agent in 2003, but he chose Denver.

*Tony Romo: His contract is up after the year, but the Cowboys aren't likely to let him get away. If they don't sign him to a contract extension, they will franchise him.

*Chris Simms: He's in coach Jon Gruden's doghouse in Tampa and a candidate to be cut or traded. But he hasn't proved anything.

*Billy Volek: The Chargers backup will be a free agent, and there are some who think he has the ability to be an NFL starter.