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BEARS Fall To The Lions 37-27

WTF?  What the hell do I do with this?  It was great to see our offense move so well and be in the red zone so often.  I mean 286 and 2 TDs by a QB is nice, but what am I supposed to make of the 3INTs?  On two throws Griese directly caused a 14 points swing.  He made a horrible throw to get intercepted just as the Bears were knocking at the door and then he just gave them a nice easy jaunt to the endzone on another.

While I am at bitching here.   What the hell is going on with this run game?  I don't care if it is Benson or our line, they need to do something.  These 50 yard 3 yard per carry rush games are starting to tick me off.

This defense is too banged up right now cover up all the mistakes the offense is making.

This is Cedric Beson's 3rd fumble of the season and Hester's 5th in two games.  Can't we practice this stuff?

Heading into the 4-0 Green Bay Packers next week, the Bears are 3 and 2 games behind the Pack and the Lions respectively.  Looking at this schedule the Bears don't have much time to get things corrected.  If not for the fact that so many teams in the NFC are doing bad, they could have been out of it already.