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Phillip Rivers Needs To Let Sleeping Bears Lie

I am sure it was all in good fun, but you aren't talking about how you are going to stuff the Bears offense here.  You are going after their defense.

Back in May when the Bears and Chargers got together to shoot the now infamous commercial that saw LaDanian Tomlinson slashing through the Bears defense, there was as per Tommie Harris' agent some ribbing going on, but not by Tomlinson, but by the Chargers QB Phillip Rivers.

"He kept telling Tommie how they were going to put at least 30 [points] on the board against the Bears," Horn said. "I listened to him trash-talking all night. I remember saying to one of the guys there, 'Man, I wish I had a camera rolling on this.' I can't wait for Tommie to get after him."

By now players should know you don't give a team anything extra to get them  hyped up, but certainly not a defense that can throttle you.  I wish he had a mic on the first time Harris gets to Rivers and is standing over him.