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Rex Round Up

Heading into the first game of the 2007 NFL season there is a lot one could talk about.  Can Indy repeat?  Can the Patriots who were preseason favorites, but are now falling apart still get it done?  Can McNabb not get injured?  Will Seattle wilt again?  But the only thing the media in Chicago wants to talk about is Rex.

Not that that is wrong, Grossman is the single biggest piece to a Chicago Super Bowl win.  If he plays well, there is not reason the Bears cannot go back.  Here is a look at the articles that are filling the internet this morning concerning Grossman.

Grossman talking about being focused for this week's game.

"What motivates me is to become a great quarterback in this league and to be a great quarterback for this franchise," he said. "It doesn't hurt when people doubt me.

"As long as I'm happy at the end of the season, I think that's pretty fair. And I have high expectations."

Rex talking about his critics.

Everyone is firmly behind Grossman.

Brown has seen what happens when QBs get pressured and Rex isn't having it.

He singled out former Buffalo Bills quarterback Rob Johnson.

"He folded like a tent," said Brown, who played his first nine seasons in Buffalo. "When the pressure was on, he was out.

"There were a few other guys who just could not take the pressure of the scrutiny and all of the other things that go with being in the NFL. Just couldn't handle it. But Rex handles it like he's a duck in water."

Brown said if a teammate went off on fans like Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano, he might be all for it.

"Some guys, like Rex, if he went postal on everybody, I'd be right behind him," Brown said. " 'Yeah, go, get 'em off your back!' It just depends on the guy."

More random quotes about Grossman being ok.

All I have to say is give the guy a chance.  Remember he had just as many spectacular games last year as he did disastrous ones.  He could just as easily straighten out his problem and be that guy who was an MVP candidate early last season.